January 2017 Minutes


6:30pm Tuesday, January 17th


Kim O’Connell, Tracy Williams, Bryan Mason, David Raim, Troy Wolfs, Molly Ray, Pam Kalkhoff, Quanda Hood, David Raim and Jenn Broghammer

Approval of Agenda –

Fine Arts News an Updates

  • Show Choir had its first competition of the season.  Performed well for a young group finishing 6th.  Upcoming competitions 1/30/17 State Show Choir, 2/11/17 Keokuk HS
  • Congratulation to CCA HS Band students Janzie Mason, John Petrzelka and Audra Schulz and CCA MS Band members Mollie  Daines, Made Frame and Jane Kim on their selection to SEIBA District Honor Band.
  • 1/28/17 CCA will host the IHSMA State Jazz Festival.  CCA Jazz Band will be performing at 1:40pm.
  • CCA Drumline performed with the Marion Drumline during halftime of the CCA vs. Marion Boys Varsity Basketball game.
  • 1/24/17 CCA Winter Pit will have its first performance during half time.
  • 2/4/17 State Large Group Speech will be held at Washington HS in Cedar Rapids.  Advancing groups will perform at All-State Large Group Speech 2/18/17 at Iowa State University.
  • CCA HS Band Members selected will perform at the Iowa State Honor Band (2/2-2/4), UNI Honor Band (2/9-2/11) and the U of I Honor band (3/18).
  • 2/18/17 CCA Jazz Band will perform at the Tallcorn Jazz Festival.

December minutes

Reviewed minutes. Motioned by Pam. Seconded by David Raim. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Presented by Kim.

60 Ukulele’s were purchased for the CCA Elementary School programs.

Old Business

Fruit Sales – Kim O’Connell

FAME received a complaint regarding the labeling of types of apples.  Kim will ask Bill to forward our concerns to Tex-Mex.

Wish List – Kim O’Connell

  1. Working on procedures and hope to get it posted to the FAME website and Facebook pages.
  2. Possible upcoming requests –
    • 10 Wireless Microphones for the PAC (Tom Milligan)
    • Tuners/Cases for Ukuleles (Paul Corbiere)

Giving Tree – Kim O’Connell

Barb Weise has placed an order for the engraving of new leaves to be installed on the Giving Tree.

Show Case Events – David Raim

  • The Bill Riley Talent Search will be held Saturday 3/4/17.
  • Priority will be given to CCA Students, alumni and community members.  Performance slots are first come first serve.  To sign up participants can email David at ccabillriley@gmail.com.
  • Sprout division ages 2-12 will perform beginning at 4:00pm
  • Senior division ages 13-21 will perform beginning at 6:30pm
  • There will be 15 slots per division and we will follow the Bill Riley Talent Search rules.  Most notably, 1-5 people per group, no foul language in songs or recorded dance music and no rock bands.
  • David is securing 3 judges (instrumental, vocal and dance).  Judges can not have CCA contacts.
  • Top three from each division will receive prizes.  FAME is looking for sponsors to help offset the cost of the prize monies.
  • 2016 Talent Search winner Britta Fults will be performing during intermission.
  • David will send media releases to the usual news outlets along with to the Clipper News, Facebook and ask to have something sent via Schoology.
  • Bryan Mason has volunteer to assist with creating additional display posters
  • Intermission – FAME will discuss the possibility of having a concession stand at the February meeting


Kim is organizing concessions with a signup genius coming soon.  Proceeds will go towards future FAME allocations.

New Business

State Jazz Festival – Saturday 1/28/17

  • Kim is running the concession stand as a band parent, with proceeds going towards next years marching band show expenses.
  • A signup genius has been created asking for food donations and concession stand volunteers.  The will also be a meal provided for the judges.
  • John Smith has a signup genius asking for volunteers to help with the running of the event.
  • CCA Jazz band will perform at 1:40.

SEIBA JH Large Group Contest – Friday 3/31/17

FAME has been asked to run a concession stand for this event.  More details to come.

Emerging Excellence

Molly Ray reported CCA will be hosting this event Saturday 4/8/17.  This event will showcase 6-8th grade artwork.

Monsanto Award

David Raim reported Michelle Raim has received the Johnson County Monsanto award.  This award allows winners to choose which charity or 501.c3 organization they would like to receive a $2,500.00 donation.  Michelle would like to donate the funds to FAME for the purchase of additional cordless microphones in the PAC.  David has given Monsanto FAME’s contact information.  Kim will contact Russ to check the status of FAME reinstatement of our 501.c3 status.

Next Meeting

6:30pm Tuesday, February 21st

High School Music Faculty room (between band and choir rooms)

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